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Sing, Say, Spray! – AIRBODS exhibit at the Cally Festival

Want to know how many tiny invisible droplets you produce when you sing, shout, talk or whisper? Come find out! We’ll measure exactly how many microscopic droplets you produce every time you open your mouth.

Every time you open your mouth, tiny droplets (known as aerosols) are released into the air around you. The sizes and numbers of these vary depending on what you have opened your mouth to do – just to breathe, or to whisper, talk, shout, sing, cough or sneeze. These microscopic droplets are made up of saliva and other fluids from your throat and lungs. They also carry microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses that normally live in our respiratory system, as well as those that might be infectious. The Sing, Say, Spray! exhibit invites you to come and have your respiratory aerosols counted and measured. We will ask you to breathe, talk, sing, etc., while we use a device to do the aerosol counting. You will find out exactly how many tiny aerosols you produce and their range of sizes – something you can then use to impress your friends and family!

Caledonian Road is one of London’s most vibrant neighbourhoods and host to the Cally Festival,, an annual celebration of everything the area has to offer. Each year, for one day, we close the road and over 7000 people come together to throw a huge party in it.


Caledonian Road



3rd July 2022

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